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Future Home Of A Beautiful Thing!

Dear fellows!

Someone once said, "God helps those who help themselves". While most of us believe it yet not doing enough. Talking about Pakistan, today, we are falling behind in every sector of science and technology, our economy is deteriorating, our situation is getting worse and by each coming day we're becoming more and more dependent on others.

Our nation's founding fathers had envisioned a nation - the nation that will be the pride of all Muslim societies. They died - everyone have to dye - seems like their visions died with them as well. Let alone nation building, we're not doing enough for our own selves. Path of building a nation lies in improving its people.

We don't have much resources, we don't have many job opportunities, whoever is employed is either under employed or is unhappy with job. Though in many sectors people have good jobs but unfortunately we've a lot of incompetent people holding position while real talent being wasted. We've a lot of degree holders but only a few who seek and posses knowledge. Question remains, how something extraordinary emerge out of it.

I'm looking forward to create a create place for extraordinary people around who want to create opportunities for themselves and for others, who believe in endless efforts, the people for whom sincerity and honesty is their principle, the ones who think they're different from a common person and the people who never give up. I know things are easier said than getting done, express your opinion at PAK INNOVATORS FORUM or say hi at Facebook.